International Women’s Day Declaration | REVOLT Against Patriarchy!


Feminist freedom fighters all over the world have fought with the spirit of revolt against sexism, gender roles, the binary gender system, patriarchy, the multiple exploitation, and domination relationship of the social system. March 8, International Women’s Day, is the day of feminist revolt directed towards male domination, masculine domination, exploitation, and all relations of domination.

Gender is a social and cultural construction. This process, which was built with the duality of masculine and female, revealed that the individual was stuck in the binary gender system. The cultural and social construction of gender roles gave rise to the naturalization of the binary gender system. The functioning of social systems based on multiple exploitation and domination relations and sexism became intertwined and institutionalized as a result. The structure of the social system based on class discrimination, racism, binary gender system and anthropocentrism has multiplied the relations of exploitation and domination.

We exist with multiple identities that define us in the historical process. Our class, job, profession, title, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity provide the opportunity to exist in various fields, as well as the reason for our exclusion and violence time to time. Weaving life in this way makes existences and fluidity outside of duality invisible. Entities and situations that cannot be defined from this aspect are disturbing and excluded. Prejudices, biases, stereotypes and discrimination against criminalized identities create endless criminal areas and imprison us in those areas. The boundaries are so obvious that they cannot go beyond the boundaries imposed on these identities, and individuals are imprisoned within their own bodies. Identities that are criminalized in a life weaved in accordance with this understanding are turned into potential criminals the moment they step out.

Every person who experiences his own masculinity privilege in the society contributes to the production and maintenance of patriarchy. All inequalities woven by male violence, femicide and sexism have been “normalized” within the institutionalized sexist system. Individuals in privileged positions and identities enter into a struggle and fight not to leave their comfort zone. Meanwhile, the identities and existence of individuals or groups that are not determinant in this conflict become obscured. So, we are trapped in the binary system that we are forced to be either one way or the other.

Male dominated system produces itself in the home, economy, education, politics, and all areas of life. The “male-state” systematizes and naturalizes male domination. Limiting women’s participation in wage labor, laws of capitalist society, making birth control methods illegal, prohibiting abortion, promoting the institution of marriage, legitimizing male violence show how much sexism has spread to social life. As women, we are condemned to work by feeling a lot of mobbing, mansplaining, and various kinds of harassment on us during the labor process. The same situation becomes much more visible in professions that are already imposed on the knife-edge working conditions, such as sex work. For the continuity of the patriarchy, sexist education is continued from pre-school education institutions to the university. Sexism is embedded in all educational processes. Course curricula and materials are arranged in accordance with a sexist understanding. Sexism in educational institutions is an expression of the social system and the male state mind.

Another reflection of the patriarchate and the male state on the academy is the women’s universities that have been put forward recently. The male state is trying to build individuals and societies based on sexism through women’s universities. In Turkey, the state and that sexist men tried to approach development policies that political power is organized in accordance with the understanding at the same time ensuring the protection of traditional Turkish family structure and the state’s survival. Colonists do not just settle for annexations where they occupy. Colonialism and sexism are an intertwined phenomenon. The colonial power, in accordance with the colonialist politics in the country it occupies, often attacks the national identity through women. The colonial logic of invasion and conquest takes place in the sexist understanding of invading the body and soul of women.

Immigrant women are subjected to all kinds of sexual harassment and violence as well as unlimited chauvinism.

The binary gender system and the emerging politics of hate and marginalization cause homophobia, biphobia, aphobia and transphobia to manifest in all areas of social life. Trans exclusion constitutes the most visible aspect of the politics of marginalization in this context. The academic mind that excludes trans women with an essentialist determination and trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF) in this context render the hate murders and sexual violence that trans women are subjected to invisible.

The sexist construction of the social system and its intertwining with the specific characteristics of social formations show that the struggle against institutionalized sexism is possible with an intersectional line of struggle. We are transforming our gender identity, sexual orientation and existence against sexism and patriarchy, the binary gender system with intersectional feminist policy. We wove the eminent struggle with the spirit of rebellion and rebellion in all areas of life. We invite all women to revolt and rebellion with us on March 8, International Women’s Day, with the awareness of a classless, borderless, and genderless life and existence.

Long live March 8, International Women’s Day!
Revolt against male-state, sexism, and the binary gender system!
Revolt against transphobia!
Revolt against class, sexual and national discrimination!
Revolt for a classless, borderless and communal life!

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