DECLARATION | We Didn’t Forget the Armenian Genocide!


Class societies are history of massacres and genocides. Throughout history, many nations, nationalities, ethnicities have been subjected to massacres, pogroms, and genocides. Colonialism, annexation, occupation, pillage, forced acculturation are indispensable in the history of class societies. Unless class societies disappear, oppressed nations and nationalities will be subjected to war, massacre, genocide, and pogroms.

The genocide, symbolized by the date of April 24, 1915, is essentially a long way back. At the end of the 1800s, massacres against non-Muslims, mainly Armenians, began. With the 1909 Adana Armenian Pogrom, the exercise of 1915 was carried out. By 1915, more than 1 million Armenians, more than 100 thousand Yazidis, more than 500 thousand Assyrians/Assyrians, Chaldeans and Nestorians were subjected to genocide by the Committee of Union and Progress. The massacred Armenians, Syriac/Assyrians, Chaldeans, Nestorians, and Yazidis were buried in mass graves. The rest were sent into exile. All property of non-Muslims were looted, many women and children were detained and subjected to sexual assault.

While the bourgeois government of the Ottoman state motivated the Turks with nationalist and Turanian discourses, it also made the Islamic brotherhood a tool in these genocides. While they made Kurdish and Arabs partners in this genocide and colonial war, they sought to solve the financial burden of the Imperialist Sharing War with the goods plundered over the genocides. This economic burden of the Imperialist Sharing War was solved with the ownership and capital accumulation of the nations and nationalities subjected to genocide. German war staff also played an active role in this genocide process. It is possible to see the totality of the experiences of these genocides during the republic period in the genocide processes carried out by the Nazis.

These genocides against non-Muslim nations and nationalities are part of the construction of the nation state. The Turkish state was built through these genocides, the national capital was founded on non-Muslim goods and capital plundered. The genocides organized for the construction of the Turkish sovereignty system did not stop with 1915, but continued with the Pontus Greek Genocide of 19 May 1919 and the Asia Minor Greek Genocide. Thrace, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia were completely cleansed of non-Muslims, and the practical capital of the genocides against the Kurdish nation was created.

It is an obligation for the revolutionaries to settle accounts with the genocides against mainly the Armenians of Western Armenia, Syriac/Assyrians, Chaldeans, Nestorians, Pontus and Asia Minor Greeks. The precondition for this obligation is a break from official history and the Turkish sovereignty system. The understanding that ignores one or more of the genocides is the understanding that reads life from sovereign. So, it is not revolutionary.

The duty of the communists of Turkey and Kurdistan, to face genocide, to read the history from the place oppressed, to raise the international struggle, and to scream demands of the nations and nationalities that subjected to genocide.

Armenian, Syriac / Assyrian, Chaldean, Nestorian, Greek Genocides must be recognized!

Return the plundered goods of the oppressed nations and nationalities!

The looted places of worship and buildings should be restored and put into use!

Work must be started for the return of those who were exiled!

1915 Museum of Shame must be established!

Open the genocide archives!

Announce the mass graves!

Get education in mother tongue!

The right to education in the mother tongue must be recognized!

Committee of Oppressed Nations and Nationalities

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