DECLARATION | We celebrate the International Mother Language Day of the oppressed nations and nationalities!


For the sense of nation-state, which the capitalist system is based on, language unity is important in terms of nationalization and holding the market. This situation caused the languages of the hegemon nations to be imposed on other nations. The bourgeois class of the hegemon nations that built the nation-state through the status of being a founder nation banned the languages of oppressed nations with a monistic sense. The languages of the nations that were oppressed against the “rising” languages in accordance with the logic of the capitalist market came to the point of being forgotten in time.
Language is not just a pulpit or communication tool. The language used and understood by nation-level communities in all their relationships and activities is the mother language of that community. In other words, the language that a person learns through family, environment, and society without being subjected to any educational process is defined as his/her mother language. Mother language is, in a way, a matter of existence. For this reason, individuals belonging to oppressed nations lay claims to their mother language more and more with this understanding. There is a verbal agreement between individuals of each nation to come together and protect their values. In this respect, the mother language develops with planned processes. However, speaking the language does not make much sense unless precautions are taken to protect and develop the language during this period. Having a mother language is not enough by itself. Although his/her mother language has no school or education.
As a result of the colonial policies, the massacres carried out by the Spanish colonists in the American Continent and the policies they followed caused the disappearance of many languages. In countries dominated by colonial politics, the languages of the colonizers became central. So that British, French, Spanish, etc. English, French and Spanish are today the official languages in the countries where the colonialists dominated.
Each country followed different policies regarding the oppressed nations in terms of its own specificity. The unitary structure of capitalism ensured the centralization of the dominant nation identity and the forced adaptation or integration of the oppressed nations into this identity by various means and policies. The “nation-state sense and built” the Republic of Turkey is based on the denial and destruction the reality of the oppressed nations. Armenians, Pontus, Kurds were wanted to be completely destroyed by genocide and massacres. Other nations were forced to be Turkish by forced acculturation policies. In this respect, the Turkish hegemony system followed a policy of dissolving the oppressed nations with the policy of forced acculturation, while developing a policy of destruction. It has been “successful” in this policy.
One of the dimensions of the monist sense of the Turkish hegemony system is the understanding based on one language. Mother language of nations are prohibited in all areas of social life. The Turkish hegemony system ignored the right of oppressed nations to education in their mother language in educational institutions, and Turkish was made obligatory in schools as the official language. The expression of individuals from nations who are oppressed in public life through their mother language was labeled as “separatism” and was interpreted as an activity that threatened the perpetuity of the country. In the rest of the world, the outcome of the nationalities and languages of the oppressed nation was not much different. Capitalist aggression has caused many languages to disappear over time and many to risk extinction. It is predicted that 90% of languages will disappear in the future. 18 out of the 36 languages in Turkey is faced with that threat.In the capitalist system, since the structures are arranged in accordance with the needs of capital, everything in life is forced into commodification and the economic process to be drawn into the relation of domination. Cultural and social differences tend to be erased in the face of the insanity of the economic mind, and monism becomes determinant in all areas of life.
The fate of languages is determined by the process of relating to the capitalist system. As a manifestation of the unitary logic, the dominance of the dominant languages is reinforced and thus mother languages are put in the process of extinction.
The struggle against the denial and destruction of nations, and the policies of forced acculturation and integration can be meaningful as long as it is shaped through an anti-capitalist respect of struggle. A radical revolutionary transformation of things is not possible unless the struggle against colonialism, fascism, patriarchy, binary gender regime and anthropocentrism is directed towards the capitalist system in the broadest sense. Protecting and embracing the mother tongue also means protecting social and cultural differences. We carry out the struggle for mother language in all areas of social life with the awareness of owning the mother language against the monist understanding that the system has built at the expense of eliminating these differences. We are increasing the struggle for a communal life by protecting social and cultural differences. We salute the World Mother Language Day of the oppressed nations and protect their mother language and, rebel the monist understanding of the capitalist system!
Happy World Mother Language Day of the oppressed nations!
We protect our mother languages!
REVOLT against monism and capitalism!
REVOLT for communal life!

Socialist Student Movement

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