The AKP/Erdogan government enacted a “new plan of action” after its failed election results. Especially after the 23 June elections, law enforcement authorities hunting migrants in areas inhabited by Syrian and Rojavan migrants detained many migrants and then began deportation proceedings without even allowing them to pack their belongings and say goodbye to their family. Likewise, during these operations, migrants who are subjected to reverse handcuffs and torture are forcibly sent back to the war-torn region by signing a form of “voluntary repatriation”.

This is an obvious relocation. Due to the gloss of geographical limitation of the 1951 United Nations Convention on the legal status of refugees, Syrian and Rojavan migrants are in temporary protection status, not refugees, before the state. Together with this statement, the Turkish state does not take non-European migrants to refugee status and usurps the basic human rights of migrants. Now, immigrants who are treated under temporary protection status, subjected to racist attacks by a large part of society, are illegally deported by signing a forced “voluntary repatriation” form. In addition, many migrants are being delivered to Idlib, which is critical to TC and jihadist gangs, as well as al-Nusra gangs.

The” migrant crisis ” caused the AKP clique to lose some major cities and the cities where is AKP is strong, such as Bolu, Burdur, Kırşehir… It is clearly a triumph of chauvinism, although this is hailed as a “victory” by many “revolutionary” organizations. All organizations, which are party positions from the “Millet İttifakı”, are united in their opposition to immigration “with or without intent”.

Since the days of the Syrian war, many Syrians and Rojavans have migrated to Turkey and North Kurdistan. We know that opening the borders to migrants has not been the result of any human duty. The borders opened with dirty negotiations, economic agreements and allowances with the world’s rulers were also the answer to the needs of the bourgeoisie by the use of immigrants as cheap labor. Arab and Kurdish migrants, who are not even in refugee status and have no assurances, are uninsured, with up to half of the minimum wage being employed for up to 16 hours a day. While many immigrants fall victim to workplace homicide, they are not seen as “human beings” and these workplace homicides are not even became the topic for people. Syria and the Rojavans, who want to migrate to Europe due to these problems, drown in the Aegean Sea and the Meric river every day. All migrant deaths are murder. Sovereigns slaughter immigrants every day. The Aegean Sea and the Meric River are mass graves of these massacres.

This immigration situation is not something that happens spontaneously. It is the phenomenon created by the reality of a war. Therefore, when addressing the migrant crisis, our main concern is the causes that create this phenomenon. The Middle East policy of the world’s rulers and the dirty war waged through the created ISIS, FSA, al-Nusra gangs has forced many Syrians and Rojavans to emigrate. The Turkish state, which wants to take a position in Middle East politics and has embarked on appropriate alliances, has also given logistics and military support to ISIS in a closed door manner and to the FSA in a clear manner. In addition, TC (Turkish state) has repeatedly conducted direct military operations in Syria and Rojava and occupied some of the cities of Rojava. As a result, besides the US-EU and Russia-Iran cliques, the Turkish state has created and enlarged this war. TC is also responsible for the migration movement that exposed the massacres in Syria and Rojava.

Turkish state opened the borders with the promise promise of “assurances to the Syrian and Rojavans,” home, work. And politically desired to migration movement. Because with this immigration, TC tried to prepare the legal and international ground for the occupation and being involved in the war in Syria and Rojava. They want to say “Our country has taken refuge in millions of people. This is not just your domestic issue. We also have the right to say.”

In addition, Syrian and Rojavan migrants have been used as “trumps” in dirty negotiations with world sovereigns. Suleyman Soylu’s “If we open the doors, there will be no government in 6 months.” outlets also reveal how migrants are used as the material of dirty bargains.  The migrants have become political “trumps” of the US-EU clique as well as dirty negotiations with Russia-Iran on many political issues. Therefore, TC has been taking interest, invading and chauvinist approach to the migrant issue from the beginning. So, the sudden change in attitude in the migrant crisis, which is the cause of the loss of power in the election, is not surprising.

We, as the Socialist Student Movement, are the dreamers of an unlimited and classless society. We defend the removal of barriers to migrants getting the basic human rights and their right to be in refugee statue. However, we do not regard as immigrants as refugees, asylum seekers or guests. We regard as them as subjects of this geography. Defending the rights of immigrants and solidarity with immigrants as a duty of the international communist movement.

As the Socialist Student Movement, we call on all revolutionary-democratic organizations to fight against this relocation.

Stop racist attacks on immigrants!

Be granted refugee status and Refugee Rights!

End forced repatriation, relocation applications!

End precarious, low-wage labor practices!

Protect to the children and youth of Syria and Rojavan’s usurped education rights!

Remove all obstacles to the organization of immigrants!


Socialist Student Movement

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