DECLARATION | Long live the Paris Commune on its 150th anniversary!


In the 19th century, the Europea was shaken by revolutions. In 1848-1850, from France to Germany, from Italy to Austria, Europe met with the waves of revolution. France was one of the most important links in the chain of defeated revolutions. This historical process, called the “Age of Revolutions”, witnessed revolutions that broke out one after another in France.

The Paris Commune was declared on 18 March 1871. Commune was the first proletarian revolution in world history. What happened in Paris was the realization of utopia. Parisian workers in 1871 occupied the state, the professional army, and the central bureaucracy (to a large extent). The Commune replaced the professional army with its defense and security system based on the general armament of the people. They largely abolished the central bureaucracy and replaced representative democracy with direct democracy, revealing the possibility of making direct regulations and laws that would regulate the lives of the people in their living space. They provided the opportunity for a referendum on issues concerning the whole country. The Paris Commune is a form of state that conducts processes through a government that is temporary, lacking in permanence, privilege, and professionalism, elected from members who have the right to be elected only once. In this respect, it is a form of state that is rarely seen in the historical process.

The Paris Commune is lighting on the historical process we live in. The way the commune was realized, its features, its capabilities and problems have revealed important experiences for those waging a communal world struggle in the 21st century. The impact of the Paris Commune on life has been staggering, but this effect is not a complete process. Now and in the future, the shocking effects of the Paris Commune must be sustained in accordance with the spirit of the age.
The Paris Commune, which took place 150 years ago in the bosom of Europe, and the streets burned, and the barricades set up are still alive and destructive today. This spark in the streets of Paris has ignited a whole steppe and has become a torch for freedom struggles in different parts of the world. This 72-day experience is the guide to the planet’s struggle for liberation.

The Paris Commune, for which 50 thousand communists gave his/her life, lights on our struggle for communal life, even though 150 years have passed. We, as the successors of the Paris communes, learn from the struggle that has blossomed in the Paris streets, from the workers and laborers who resisted in the Paris barricades, and we are raising the struggle to bring the struggle of the communists to victory.

REVOLT with the spirit of the Paris Commune!
REVOLT against capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, anthropocentrism!

Socialist Student Movement
Socialist Youth Movement

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